Sources of documentation

  • Hackage is the package repository for Haskell packages and also the server which can be run for private packages

  • Hoogle allows searching for functions by their types or names - can also be installed locally for local and private packages

  • HLint is a linting tool which allows providing custom rules

  • pointfree can translate functions which take arguments to functions which just compose functions (e.g. (\a -> a) = id) - see also Blunt

  • pointful does the reverse of pointfree

  • Djinn can derive some Haskell programs when just given a type signature

  • Argon gives cyclomatic complexity

  • stylish-haskell is a code formatter with good defaults

  • packunused lists unused packages from your .cabal file

  • git-vogue is an aggregate code linter + git pre-commit hook which uses cabal, hlint, stylish-haskell and ghc-mod to ensure your code stays 'en vogue'